First a350 Delivery Postponed

Recently, Fandagear featured an article that stated that December 13, 2014 would be when Qatar received the first a350. On December 10 Qatar told Airbus that it would be postponing the delivery for a minor reason. Airbus confirmed this fact, but is unable to provide

Airbus A380 Future?

The Airbus a380, the European double decker, could its reign be over? Airbus held a investor conference in London and had some interesting news on the super jumbo. Firstly, Airbus warned that it may stop a380 production as soon as 2018 due to low interest. This

First Airbus a350 Delivery Coming Soon

The Airbus a350 will be delivered to Qatar Airways on December 13, 2014 in Toulouse, France. It will be a a350-900, the median version of the a350 line (A350-800 smaller and a350-1000 bigger). Qatar will first commercially fly it on January on the Doha, Qatar to

Installing Windows 10 Preview on Mac

Want to experience the Windows 10 preview, but are a Mac user? This tutorial will show you how. Requirements listed below video. Requirements (It will not work without these) 1. Microsoft Account 2.Virtual Machine Software (Parallels 9 used in video)

Adding focus blur to images in Photoshop.

Sometimes you want to only show parts of a photo, especially the main subject of it over it’s background, or you may want to make your photos look more professional: creating focus blur in Photoshop is a great way to enhance your image’s look in

Lego® BIONICLE is Back in 2015

Lego® released the BIONICLE theme in 2001 after Lego® wanted to create a storyline that would appeal to more customers. When released, it became a smash hit in both the US and Europe, earning the most profits for a theme at that time. It led a

Boeing 777X

The newest commercial plane announced is the Boeing 777x. It will be the latest version of the very successful 777 line. Boeing describes that the 777x is: “The largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world. Its folding raked wingtip and optimized span deliver

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