Comair’s First Boeing 737 MAX 8

Comair Limited has received their first Boeing 737 MAX 8. The airline currently has a total of eight 737 MAX 8 aircraft on order.

Comair offers airline services in South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Indian Ocean islands. The market is projected to grow, with Boeing forecasting nearly 1,200 new jets needed over the next twenty years.

As per a license agreement, the 737 MAX 8 aircraft will fly in British Airways colors. The airline will fly under the franchise agreement to various destinations in the African continent. In addition to the British Airways franchise, Comair Limited operates for the low-cost airline

Currently, Comair operates 18 Boeing 737 Next-Generation (NG) and 7 Boeing 737 Classic airliners. The new 737 MAX 8 aircraft will allow the airline to attain better fuel efficiency, fly farther routes, and provide a more comfortable experience for passengers.

The Boeing 737 MAX is the latest iteration of the 737 family. The MAX design features various improvements to obtain better fuel efficiency for operators. All MAXs will use the CFM LEAP-1B engine. A new winglet design also helps cut down costs by improving aerodynamics for the 737. In total, the 737 MAX introduces improvements of about 14% in fuel efficiency and emissions compared to the 737 Next-Generation (NG).

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