Royal Air Maroc Operations Optimized by Boeing

The first agreement between Boeing and an African airline, Boeing is offering solutions to Royal Air Maroc to help streamline operations. With a suite of AnalytX crew solutions, the airline will be able to have better efficiency in planning and operations. Benefits include crew pairing, crew rostering, and crew tracking for the airline.

Crew pairing helps generate the work duties to improve efficiency in staffing and safety while minimizing costs. Crew rostering builds rosters based on the preferences and constraints of crew members. Crew tracking detects, resolves, and follows up on crew planning changes.

AnalytX products are a solution provided by subsidiary Jeppesen.

Royal Air Maroc is the national carrier for Morocco and is headquartered at Casablanca-Anfa Airport. It is the largest airline in the country and serves around 90 destinations with a wide variety of Boeing, ATR, and Embraer aircraft.

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